TiO2 Self Cleaning Panels at Blackfriars Underpass

In January this year we put got permission to put up test panels on both sides of the road at the western end of the Blackfriars Underpass, London. These test panels were covered one half in our TiO2 Nano-Coating and the other half left uncoated.

Shown right is what these panels looked like less than 4 months after we put them up. The left hand side is uncoated, and the right hand side is coated in photocatalytic TiO2 - need we say more?

This demonstrates just one of the amazing properties of these coatings - just imagine the the saving in cleaning costs for just about anything to which you apply these coatings! To find out more about these coatings please go to Why Should I Use TiO2 Nano-coatings?

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